DTDC Courier Tracking

DTDC Couriers & Cargo Ltd, an express distribution company started in 1990 in India has been a stalwart in its area of expertise and within 21 years of its establishment, its operations have widened to that of a global player. Comprising of a delivery network close to 10,000 pin codes, the reach is undeniably at "your doorsteps" assisted with a chain of 240 global destinations having its own infrastructural and official presence in the US, UK, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, CANADA, BANGLADESH, HONGKONG, SRI LANKA, NEPAL, TURKEY and presence worldwide.

Professional courier is a tough competitor to DTDC which also delivers packages acorss India. It also offers the tracking of package through professional courier tracking feature which is an online method to track the details of the courier.

The status of the courier sent through the DTDC can be tracked easily online. To get the status of courier use the DTDC Tracking feature and then enter the tracking number to fetch the courier information.

Visa Requirement and Paper Submission

An entry Visa is essential for all foreigners visiting India.Those traveling for ICC 2021 Conference will need to apply for Conference Visa. Conference Visas are issued by the relevant Indian Embassy if participants are able to produce

Registered participants of the ICC 2016 Conference who have no payments outstanding will be able to generate and print personalized letters of invitation by using the personal access key emailed after registration. Registered participants will also be able to download copies of permissions from Indian Government Agencies.

It is advisable to apply for Visas well in advance, but not earlier than 3 months before the date of the World Congress. Foreign visitors entering India must possess a passport valid for at least 6 months after their date of entry into India, except in the case of nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, who need only carry suitable means of identification.

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Indian Control Conference

The SixthIndian Control Conference (ICC-6) will take place at IIT Hyderabad, during 18-20 December 2021. The conference is organized by the IIT Hyderabad in cooperation with the Control Society. ICC-6 will be a three-day event, with the first day dedicated to Tutorials and Workshops.

ICC-6 has received Technical Co-Sponsorship and Proceedings Acquisition from the IEEE Control Systems Society. The papers presented at the conference will be included in IEEE Xplore after a quality review upon receipt of the Proceedings.

Submissions are welcome in all traditional areas of control and system theory and applications, as well as non-traditional areas such as systems and synthetic biology, networked control systems, smart grids, learning control, machine learning, and related areas.

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Plenary Speakers

Live webcast of Tutorials and plenary lectures are available here

The Discovery of a solution to a problem is often more difficult than verifying the correctness of a given solution. For example, solving a given Sudoku puzzle is at times very difficult, whereas verifying the correctness of any given solution of a Sudoku puzzle very easy. This difference in discovery and verification is formally captured by the classes P and NP: P contains all problems whose solutions can be efficiently discovered, and NP contains all problems whose solutions can be efficiently verified.

It is widely believed that P does not equal NP, but there is no proof known despite intensive efforts over the last 40 years. The reason for this belief is that discovery often requires an intuitive leap that cannot be captured as a mechanical process, while verification is a mechanical process. There will be very interesting consequences of P being equal to NP. For example, diseases can be eradicated (for any disease, its cure can be found efficiently), and e-commerce will cease to exist (codes used for hiding sensitive information can be efficiently decoded).

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